quality standards


To ensure that only top quality felt belts leave our premises, ITB operates a Quality Management System which conforms to the most recent ISO Standards and that avails itself of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

All raw materials undergo rigorous controls before being approved for production and then transformed into the finest products, whose mechanical properties are checked with sophisticated instruments that can test even the thickest of belts.

research & development


In-house research on new products or new applications for existing products is conducted by a team of experienced and innovative engineers who not only have a comprehensive knowledge of belt systems, but who can also devise novel ways of solving customers' unique and specific problems.

Innovation is key to survival in today's marketplace and to face this challenging task ITB can count on the highly sophisticated research centres of the Heimbach Group to which it belongs.

customer support


Nearly 100 years of activity have contributed to build up an enormous amount of technical knowledge and competence at ITB.

We gladly share this expertise with our customers, agents and distributors alike so that belt types and specifications are selected to best suit any application for any industry.

Our Service Team is available to guide customers on how to install, operate and maintain ITB felt belts throughout their entire working life.