The ITB Batteries Division reflects the solid and reliable spirit of the Company through time with over 150000 pasting belts manufactured since 1995 and used daily by the most important car and industrial battery makers worldwide.

Seamless battery pasting belts

ITB pasting machine belts have been developed in close cooperation with world class battery manufacturers, taking into consideration all problems connected with the pasting process.

Traditional spliced pasting belts were woven open-ended with the two fabric ends eventually sewn and glued together to form a looped belt.

Since 1983 ITB offers endless woven belts which require no seaming or splicing, manufactured according to the original ITB patented design and guaranteed by the finest raw material and workmanship. Stringent quality control procedures all along the production lines ensure the highest quality standards


  • Made of cotton and synthetic fibres, the belt has the same strength in all its points and the problematic “seam break zone” no longer exists.
  • Uniform thickness and smoothness throughout its circumference result in better pasting and improved active material distribution on battery grids.
  • Seamless construction ensures optimum water absorption all over the belt surface.
  • Being perfectly cylindrical, it runs straight and true, having no lateral movement on the pasting machine.


ITB seamless pasting belts are heat set at high temperature under remarkable stretching load: their dimensional stability is therefore excellent throughout their service life. Length and width do not change even under demanding working conditions: belts can then work very taut without slipping on machine rolls.

ITB belts are also protected against abrasion by a specially designed chemical treatment: the end result is that belt life is expected to be three to four times longer than that of traditional spliced belts.

ITB seamless pasting belts can fit any existing model of pasting machine with a consistent variety of standard sizes ready available and special sizes custom made on demand.